I'm Alexandra and I'm a fourth year college student from Jacksonville, FL currently studying Chemistry at the University of Virginia. I am and always will be a Florida Girl; this makes me a sunshine and citrus enthusiast but also an expert in gator, shark, and water moccasin evasion. I love putting care and detail into everything I do. My passion in life is people and making them feel like their best self. This has led to my medical & health care aspirations as well as my love of photography. 

Some of my favorite things include dancing, Elvis Presley, Elton John, a good bowl of phở, my rescue-dog Nala, the beach, and you.

Especially you. 


I have been shooting images for 2 years but came into my photography & editing "groove" during this past year. I like to deliver images that you will love for years to come, and aren't just trendy right now. This being said, I also love editing for my client's specific tastes and interests, wether it's a "light and airy" look or something more "Instagram-esque." I'm unique in that I often give two edits of particular images: 1 classic edit and 1 stylized edit.

Want to know more about me or my photography philosophy? Get in touch!

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IfYoureReadingThis.Org Non-Profit Founder and President. A non-profit to connect individuals who have a desire to support peers with mental illness with college students struggling with mental illness. IfYoureReadingThis.org is a pioneer organization, as its focus is on action and connection, rather than simple awareness. In The News: Cavalier Daily ArticleThe Bolles School Article.

University of Virginia Chemistry Department Teaching Assistant.

X-TASEE Dance Crew. X-TASEE Dance Crew is UVA’s oldest competitive dance group.

Alpha Phi Women's Fraternity. Director of Marketing (2015-2017).

Other Hobbies I Enjoy: Clarinet (13 years experience), Graphic & Web Design (6 years experience).